Tail lift hire

There are a lot of situations that require massive loads to be taken from one place to another. These are usually accomplished through large trucks, although smaller vehicles may be called upon to do so as well. Once you have the vehicle ready, the only left is to load it up with the goods. This can take a while if the boxes are heavy and bulky. Some of them may have fragile and sensitive contents so additional care is necessary. It could take a lot of manpower and many hours to get things done. It could call for a forklift or a crane just to speed it up. All these are rather expensive. Another solution is to get a tail lift hire.

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Tail lifts are extensions fitted at the back of a truck. They are usually composed of a platform and levers that can pull them up or down. Once the vehicle reaches the pickup point, the platform is lowered onto the ground. Boxes can easily be rolled onto it until all the space is filled. This is then slowly lifted up until it reaches the height of the truck bed. The goods can then be pulled into the vehicle without any issues. The main advantage of this is improved efficiency. The whole process can be completed within a few minutes instead of hours. The safety of the load is also assured.


The manner of operation will depend on the type of tail lift being used. Most will use a hydraulic mechanism to move the platform. This means that the arms will be powered by compressed liquid. This is similar to how a lot of fork lifts and heavy machinery operate. Others will use pneumatic control in which compressed air is the main driving force. The whole assembly may also be purely mechanical in nature with a separate motor. Control is generally simplified with a few electric relay switches. They are not hard to use but operators need to be careful as errors can be quite costly.


The capacity of these tail lifts vary from one implementation to another. Standard models are known to handle weights of about 2,500 kilograms. Those that are attached to large trucks may be able to take on more with many of them custom-designed for the application. Smaller vehicles cannot accommodate the mechanism necessary to power the massive lifts so owners will have to make do with the reduced capacity of suitable attachments. Perhaps these can only manage hundreds of kilograms at the most but this should not be a problem if used accordingly.


Among the applications of these tail lifts are long-distance shipments of heavy products like appliances, furniture, machinery, office equipment, grand pianos, and the like. Anything that would be awkward for people to lift manually into a truck would benefit from these. A lot of ambulances are being equipped with these as well to facilitate the loading of patients inside the van. When not in use, the platform can be stowed away hidden from view possible under the load bed.